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The Trumpets Call

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an oc who lives in space and likes cats

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if we got all the cats in the world to meow at exactly the same time how loud would it be

Well the average cat meow is like 65/75dB (above speaking volume but below shouting) and there are about 2bn cats in the world, so, by that math, 130-150bn dB. Which is about 100 million jets taking off at once.

catastrophically loud 

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"Gotta put on my mascara"



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"Somebody cries out for love"

The following is all purely conjecture, as I doubt the story would go this direction but I felt the need to talk about it anyway. Because it nags at me so I will then talk about the possibility knowing full well it could lead to nothing.

Oh you beautiful moment that is so perfectly symbolic of the relationship these two share. How you do grip my mind. 

First thing that sticks out at me. Endymion’s gaze does not meet that of Serenity’s. She has him on lock and yet his eyes do not meet hers. He is looking off to the side if looking at anything at all. In fact I dare say he simply lost in thought. Having a moment if you will. A moment of what? Doubt. Not about their love and what they share but about it’s worth and it’s value. Not of hers. Not of hers for him. But of his for her. In the manner of what is the true worth of his love for her and is it worth putting the girl he loves through all this. Perhaps also thinking about what he is willing to do to ensure the safety of her life above all else. Her life trumps his love and his own life. 

They are both trying so hard to hang on, Serenity even more desperately so. 

Which brings me to the final gif and another thing that struck me. That final tiny hand squeeze before their grasp slips away. Is it Endymion trying to keep hold or is it a final show of love. That squeeze that says I love you, I will always love you but…

Then his grip for just a second loosens. 

Serenity’s hand slips.

…I have to let you go. 

He is letting her go. I know it reads more as they are being pulled apart but it still nags at me and the more I look at it the more I think he is letting her go. Her life trumps his love, his happiness and above all his life. So he lets her go. 

Things at this point were probably already getting heated between the Moon and Earth. War threatens to break out and perhaps has begun already to a certain extent. Blood perhaps has already been shed and tensions are so high that each faction of people is already at the others throats. 

These two, love each other so much and it is true. Yet it is entirely selfish. They KNEW. THEY KNEW the consequence. They were warned time and again about what would happen if they did not stop. I am willing to be on this. As I am certain each side told them over and over again that THIS CANNOT BE. THIS LOVE CANNOT BE. IT CANNOT EXIST. A union between the Earth and the Moon SIMPLY CANNOT HAPPEN. And they were told all the reasons why but they didn’t stop. They didn’t stop seeing each other.  They didn’t listen and just kept to their usual. Neither one heeding the warnings. Now it’s all gone wrong. Yet. Perhaps there is still a chance to set it right. 

Maybe that is what you are thinking. There is a chance to set it right or at the very least a chance to save her. So for as tightly as you hang on you then let go. You had a moment of doubt and then a moment of clarity and you acted. 

Yet then you reach for her immediately afterward. Instant regret. Is this better or is this worse. Now you are the one hurting her. She loves you so dearly and trusted the same of you and you let her go. How that must have broken your dear loves heart. You know it because your own heart breaks. You perhaps try to stay away for a time. No matter how short you did try. Yet you couldn’t stop yourself from reaching for her again. 

You both know what it means and what it could mean for both of you. Yet you just can’t and won’t stay away from one another. 

The rest of what follows in the consequence. The Moon Kingdom falls and the Earth burns away. 

For a moment though you did try to make it right. Or at least do right by the one you love. 

This just nagged away in my head all day. Again this really may lead to jack all but I had to get the thoughts out. 

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Seraa Are you taking requests still? o: If so do you mind drawing body horror with alcor please

I KIND OF REALLY HAVE NO IMAGINATION FOR ALCOR BODY HORROR RN i am so sorry im sorry lays down on the ground 

-touches face-

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Cats in piles

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Great news comrades! Talented dev Jiichi again made great breakthroughs for the non-jp speaking community by enabling VNR to hook on psp games via PPSSPP.

(via PSP text hooker in the works for VNR)

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So, I know the FeMU x Chrom and MaMU x Lucina fans are liking them in Smash.

…But who else thinks outside the box like me?

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a zero escape dating sim where the only eligible bachelor is dio



we know the choice half of fandom would make

;) ;) ;) ;)

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